Current Research

​Lipid Droplet investigation in Cancer Stem Cells in order to highlight their functional role in chemo-resistance mechanism​​​
Localization of single strand DNA and Rad51 repair protein by means of SERS technique on superhydrophobic devices
​Single molecule imaging of double strand lambda DNA streteched in between microPillar
​Investigation of self-assembled layer of 1,4 benzenedimethanethiol​
Sub-diffraction limited Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman scattering from the tip of a plasmonic nanocone
Tip Enhanced Raman - Force Spectroscopy characterization of single protein molecules on cell membrane surface
AFM, Raman and TERS characterization of human membrane suspended by means of superhydrophobic-pillared surfaces.​
Plasma membrane stratification and high resolution imaging by means of superhydrophobic pillared devices.
Simultaneous determination of the electronic transport and structural property of single to few layers graphene and reduced graphene oxide devices by plasmon-assisted hot electron and Raman spectroscopy at the nanoscale. 
Plasmonic assisted hot electron spectroscopy maps the charge transport in structured semiconductors at nanoscale    
Characterization of Histidine and amyloid fibrils by means of SERS and TERS techniques
​Investigation and comparison of amino acid, nucleic acids and basic proteins using Raman, SERS and Chiral Raman spectroscopy​