Luca Tirinato, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows


Luca Tirinato is Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Master Science in Biological Science with orientation in cancer research. His activities spread from nanotechnology tools to achieve single molecule detection to Raman micro-spectroscopy with biomedical applications.

Currently, the main topic of his research activities is the study of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) derived from different cancer tissues by using label free techniques (Raman and FT-IR techniques). Specifically, he is investigating the role and the structure of Lipid Droplets (LDs) in CSCs. More in general, he is interested in the study of how the “western diet” could affect LD formation and overexpression in the tumorigenic phenomena.

Selected Publications

S.D. Darekar, M. Mushtaq, S. Gurrapu, L. Kovalevska, C. Drummond, M. Petruchek, L. Tirinato, E. Di Fabrizio, E. Carbone and E. Kashuba, Mitochondrial ribosomal protein S18-2 evokes chromosomal instability and transforms primary rat skin fibroblasts, Oncotarget 2015,

L. Tirinato, C. Liberale, S. Di Franco, P. Candeloro, A. Benfante, R. La Rocca, L. Potze, R. Marotta, R. Ruffilli, V. P. Rajamanickam, M. Malerba, F. De Angelis, A. Falqui, E. Carbone, M. Todaro, J. P. Medema, G. Stassi, E. Di Fabrizio, Lipid droplets: A New Player in Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells Unveiled by Spectroscopic Imaging, Stem Cells 2014, (Doi: 10.1002/stem.1837)

R. Tallerico, M. Todaro, S. Di Franco, C. Maccalli, C. Garofalo, R. Sottile, C. Palmieri, L. Tirinato, P. N. Pangigadde, R. La Rocca, O. Mandelboim, G. Stassi, E. Di Fabrizio, G. Parmiani, A. Moretta, F. Dieli, K. Karre, E. Carbone, Human NK cells selective targeting of Colon Cancer-Initiating cells: a role for natural cytotoxicity receptors and MHC-I molecules, The Journal of Immunology 2013, volume 190 (5) 2381-2390,  (Doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1201542)

G. Perozziello, R. La Rocca, A. Anichini, G. Cojoc, C. Liberale, N. Malara, P. Candeloro, L. Tirinato, F. Gentile, M. Coluccio, E. Carbone and E. Di Fabrizio, Microfluidic devices module tumor cell line susceptibility to NK cell recognition Small, 2012, Volume 8, 2886-2894 (Doi: 10.1002/smll.201200160)

F. De Angelis, F. Gentile, F. Mecarini, G. Das, M. Moretti, P. Candeloro, M. L. Coluccio, G. Cojoc, A. Accardo, C. Liberale, R. P. Zaccaria, G. Perozziello, L. Tirinato, A. Toma, G. Cuda, R. Cingolani and E. Di Fabrizio Breaking the diffusion limit with super-hydrophobic delivery of molecules to plasmonic nanofocusing SERS structures, Nature Photonics, 2011, Volume: 5   Issue: 11, 683-688 (Doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2011.22)


2008-2012    Ph.D. in Biomedical and Computer Engineering at University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy

2007    Master Science in Biology at University of Calabria, Italy